Three New Laws Take Effect Sunday, September 1, 2019, For Alabama Drivers

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) is reminding Alabama drivers about three new laws that will take effect on September 1, 2019.

The Alabama Legislators, during the 2019 session, increased fines for Move Over law violations, added new seat-belt requirements for all occupants in a motor vehicle, and strengthened the “Anti-Road Rage law”.

Move OverAct 2019-520, HB290, increases the fine associated with a violation of the Alabama Move Over Act as follows: (1) $100 for a first violation; (2) $150 for a second violation; and (3) $200 for a third or subsequent violation. (Until Saturday, Aug. 31, fines are $25 for first violation, $50 for second violation, $100 for third or subsequent violation.) 

Seat BeltsAct 2019-386, SB254, (1) requires all occupants of a motor vehicle to use seat belts; and (2) provides a violation by any person other than a front seat occupant is a secondary violation, and the issuance of a citation or arrest warrant for the violation may only result from a lawful stop of the vehicle based on probable cause of another violation of law.

Anti-Road Rage: Act 2019-515, HB212, is the Anti-Road Rage Act and provides: (1) a vehicle may not travel in the left lane of an interstate highway for more than 1.5 consecutive miles unless the vehicle completely passes at least one other vehicle, unless doing so is necessary due to: traffic conditions; inclement weather, obstructions, or hazards; compliance with a law, rule, ordinance or traffic control device; exiting a roadway to the left; paying a toll or user fee at a toll collection facility; operation of an authorized emergency vehicle in the course of duty; or operation of a vehicle in the course of highway maintenance or construction or through a construction zone; and (2) law enforcement may issue only a warning citation for a violation for 60 days following the effective date of the act.

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