Dekalb County Commission Meeting April 9, 2019

Dekalb County Commission Meeting for April 9, 2019

Mr. Broyles with the county road department gave an update that the road department is working on patching pot holes in the county. Work is also continuing on the slide area on Tutwiler Gap and is getting close to being finished. Mr. Broyles stated he believed the work could be finished as early as next week and traffic could start using the road then, if everything goes well. The road department is still waiting on estimates for repairs to the old Hwy 35 slide area.

Matt Sharp presented the commission with a damage claim from a citizen. The claim states a county truck backed into a vehicle causing approximately $1,600.00 worth of damage. The commission approved to send the claim to the county insurance company.

Mr. Luther with the county engineering department presented the commission with the annual bid for surface treatment. The commission approved to award that bid to Charles Watts.

The commission approved the recommended from the engineering department to set the posted speed limit on county road 8, located in the Rhoden town community, to 45 mph. County road 8 runs from Hwy 68 to Hwy 227.

At the request of Sheriff Nick Weldon, the commission approved 6 promotions within the Dekalb County Sheriff’s department.

Promoted Jeff Bain to SGT., Willie Underwood to SGT., Seth Greene to LT., Andy Brown to SGT., Nathaniel Bates to SGT., and Brad Edmondson to Captain.

Dekalb County Commission President brought up the fact that Dekalb County is recognized as number 6 out of 10 counties in the State of Alabama that are financially sound.

The next meeting will be held on April 23, 2019