Wet/Dry Referendum Will Be on the City of Rainsville’s Municipal Election Ballot

The City of Rainsville, along with most cities and towns in Alabama, will hold their municipal election on Tuesday, August 25th. Mayor Rodger Lingerfelt and Council Place 4, held by Brandon Freeman, have no opposition.

Races that are contested this year are (SEE SAMPLE BALLOT AT BOTTOM):

Council Place 1:

Arlan “Monk” Blevins

Steve Fleming

Council Place 2:

Scotty Combs

Bejan Taheri

Council Place 3:

Rickey Byrum

Marshall Stiefel

Council Place 5:

Mark Huber

Derek Rosson

Referendum Resolution NO. 06-15-2020 (B)

Do you favor the legal sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages within the municipal limits of the City of Rainsville.