Round-Up For Ronald McDonald House Charities

Round-Up for RMHC is a new, innovative technology that gives customers at McDonald’s the opportunity to donate to Ronald McDonald House Charities or RMHC by choosing to Round-Up their purchase to the nearest whole dollar.

McDonald’s developed Round-Up for RMHC technology to serve as an additional donation option for customers as part of its continued commitment to innovation and technology.The technology and the added convenience it provides for customers looking to donate to RMHC has been well received in test restaurants, with $2.2 million being raised through Round-Up for RMHC.

Anyone can participate by simply visiting one of the approximately 14,000 participating McDonald’s restaurants nationwide and asking the crew member taking their order to Round-Up for RMHC or choosing that option on the kiosk. When customers choose to Round-Up for RMHC, they are helping RMHC support families with ill or injured children stay together and near the medical care they need at leading hospitals.

To highlight how each donation benefits RMHC families, McDonald’s unveiled a new “Menu of Moments” today. Priceless moments are made possible with the help of McDonald’s customers when they choose to Round-Up for RMHC and keep families together when they need each other most. Even the smallest of donations can make such a big difference to families, spending time together in a ‘home-away-from-home’. Imagine:

Ninety-two cents: can help allow a parent to read a bedtime story to their sick child

Forty-two cents: can help provide 10-minutes for a family to sing together

Twenty-one cents: can help ensure five minutes of laughter with the entire family

 It costs an average of $80 a night to house a family; in 2018, RMHC provided more than 2.5 million overnight stays in communities around the world, saving families over $930 million in food and lodging costs, worldwide.

McDonald’s has 1,700 owner-operators in the United States who want to be a part of the solution; they are committed to continuing to support families with ill or injured children through RMHC. 75% of all donations support local RMHC and 25% support Global RMHC.