Qualified Candidates For Dekalb County

Dekalb County Republican Party

For Immediate Release

The Qualifying period for the 2022 Republican Primary ended on January 28th at 5:00 pm.

The list of county offices/positions of the qualified candidates is below. I will also include the candidates from the county that qualified with the State Party office.

Office/Position – (incumbents are listed first)

Dekalb County Sheriff

  • Nick Welden (I)
  • Craig White
  • Terry Wadsworth

President of Dekalb County Commission 

  • Ricky Harcrow (I)

Dekalb County Coroner 

  • Tom Wilson (I) 

Commissioner District 3

  • Chris Kuykendall (I)
  • Ron Saferite                      

Commissioner District 4 

  • Lester Black (I)
  • Derek Rosson                  

Board of Education District 5                                                    

  • Robert Elliot (I)
  • Joseph Lee

Executive Committee District 1 Place 6

  • Royce Lader (I)
  • Jeff McCurdy
  • Terry Wootten

Executive Committee District 4 Place 2 

  • D L Stiefel (I)
  • Chris Graben                                    

Executive Committee District 4 Place 3

  • Marshall Stiefel (I)
  • Brook Debter

Executive Committee District 4 Place 4 

  • Lacie Fricks (I)
  • Boyd Graben

The following candidates below are in the same format and qualified with the State Party.

9th Circuit Court Judge

  • Jeremy Taylor(I)

9th Circuit District Attorney (Open Seat) 

  • Nick Jones
  • Summer McWhorter Summerford

State Executive Committee Place 1 

  • D L Stiefel (I)
  • Chris Graben

State Executive Committee Place 3 

  • Rodney L Ivey(I)                                                                                                                                            
  • Royce L Lader                                                                                                                                              
  • Ben West           

House District 24

  • Nathaniel Ledbetter (I)
  • Don Stout          

House District 39 

  • Ginny Shaver (I)
  • Brent Rhodes   

Senate District 8 

  • Steve Livingston(I)        

Senate District 10 

  • Andrew Jones (I)
  • Teresa Rhea

The Qualifying Committee will be meeting with the first time candidates and submit its’ report to the Executive Committee at our meeting on March 1st.

All of the candidates that qualify with the county party must be certified to the Probate Judge by no later than 5:00pm on March 3rd for his ballot certification process to the Secretary of State.

David Gulledge

Dekalb County Republican Party Chairman