CaptionCall Providing Captioning Telephones

CaptionCall will be hosting events for the general public at all of our Senior Centers. CaptionCall is a federally funded company that provides captioning telephones at NO COST to people with hearing loss or people that struggle to hear over the phone. This is a benefit available to people through the American with Disabilities Act.

Join us at one of the events:

2/1/22 (Tues.) – Collinsville Sr. Center 9:00 am

2/2/22 (Wed.) – Geraldine Sr. Center 10:00 am

2/2/22 (Wed.) – Crossville Sr. Center 10:30 am

2/9/22 (Wed.) – Ider Sr. Center 10:00 am

2/10/22 (Thurs.) – Henagar Sr. Center 10:00 am

2/15/22 (Tues.) – Rainsville Sr. Center 9:00 am

2/15/22 (Tues.) – Fyffe Sr. Center 10:00 am

2/16/22 (Wed.) – Fort Payne Sr. Center 9:00 am (upstairs)