Superintendent Addresses Potential Threat to Geraldine High School

The information below was posted on the official
Jason Barnett, DeKalb County Superintendent Facebook page this morning about a possible threat to Geraldine High School. Below is the quote from his Facebook post:

“I want to address a potential threat to Geraldine High School that has been brought to my attention this evening.

Many of you have seen and/or shared some concerning communications regarding text messages and other messages that have been spreading across Facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc.. regarding a student making what appears to be a potential threat. We are aware of this and are working with the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office to ensure that our students are safe on the Geraldine Campus. To that end, a student has been taken into, and will remain in, police custody for questioning regarding the student’s decision to send these messages.

I want to re-iterate that student safety is paramount, and we are and will continue to be vigilant in monitoring any and all incidents we believe could possibly pose a threat to our campus. We are blessed to live in the wonderful communities of DeKalb County and we are committed to making it even better. I do want to, once again, thank the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office for their swift and strong support of DeKalb County Alabama Schools and the safety of our students. Brad GreggNickandAudra Welden Jason Glenn Mayfield