Plainview High School launches a successful Visual Arts program for 2018-2019

Visual Art students grades 9-12.

For the 2018-2019 school year, Plainview High School added a new visual arts program to help students get more hands-on art instruction. There has been an overwhelming response from the students in the program. Many students are receiving the new opportunity to draw, paint, and create pieces of masterful artwork. Mrs. Regina Huber, who holds a K-12 art degree is the instructor for the program.

Visual Art students grades 8-12

The Visual Art students have recently just finished their own Picasso style paintings. The bulletin boards at PHS have just been updated to the new artwork pieces made by the students, in their latest project. The halls of Plainview High School now feature these Picasso-style self-portrait’s and can be seen by the public as an art exhibit on display at the school. Students created their artworks after studying about the artist Picasso and his various abstract art self-portraits. Mrs. Huber said of the students, “The students incorporated a lot of information that they have learned this year about placement, design, and the color wheel into their self-portraits. This was a multi-step project that challenged students to tackle drawing their own face as subject matter for the first time.”