Northeast Alabama Community College Announces Fall 2020 Semester Plan of Operation

Northeast Alabama Community College (NACC), following the lead of its parent organization, the Alabama Community College System (ACCS), has announced its plans for reopening campuses for the Fall 2020 semester.  NACC, to assure the safety and protection of its students and staff, will offer many online courses this fall.  In fact, all lecture and theory classes will be offered online, with only some workforce and nursing clinicals being offered on campus.

“At this point with coronavirus, if an Instructor contracts the virus in a class of 30 students as they typically have contact with in the classroom, it could lead to all students and staff within the class having to be quarantined for two weeks. It would also run the risk of the individual obtaining a very serious or even life-threatening illness from the virus,” stated NACC President Dr. David Campbell.  “By taking online courses and working in a safe and secure environment, students and staff avoid those Covid 19 risks from the classroom.”

Campbell noted that students at Northeast may even be admitted, register, sign up for their classes, and take their classes without ever having to interact with groups of students on campus.  He also noted that online students are provided with the best of digital education at Northeast, including state-of-the-art equipment, tutors, advisors, and technology experts.  “Beyond safety, our number one goal for our students is retention and completion of their programs.  We are in fact rated as the number one community college in Alabama in regard to retention and the completion of associate and certificate programs.  Our people work very hard to make our students successful,” Campbell continued.

In addition to the money students save by staying at home and being protected from the possibility of Covid-19 infection from group interaction, students at Northeast pay about one half the tuition four-year colleges in the state charge.  Most all courses are guaranteed to transfer to a four-year school by law through the Stars and Articulation program in which Northeast participates.  “By attending Northeast the first two years, students can save enough money from our expressive tuition to pay for the last two years at another four-year school in Alabama,” NACC Business Manager Rodney Bone stated.  “It’s like earning a scholarship in money you don’t spend to pay for the last two years of your education.”

“Alabama’s 24 community colleges have always been known for our flexibility when it comes to meeting the needs of our more than 174,000 students,” said ACCS Chancellor, Jimmy H. Baker. “With the quick and seamless response to online education due to the coronavirus pandemic, each of our colleges has proven yet again that we’re ready and able to quickly adapt to challenges. Our colleges’ plans for the fall semester are focused on maintaining a safe and healthy environment for our students, faculty, and staff and ensuring that each of our students is able to meet their individual educational goals.”

Among the accolades for NACC, ranks Northeast number twenty out of some 1,200 community colleges in America; chosen 15th of 1,200 community colleges for Best Success Rates by CNN/Money; one of 29 American Community College chosen a top community college by the prestigious Aspen Institute.

Dr. Campbell urged community members to be mindful of preventative measures while handling the coronavirus pandemic. “As we navigate this pandemic I encourage you to take the necessary precautions (on campus and in your everyday life) to protect yourself and others from coronavirus. Our actions impact others, so please join with me by being diligent to do our part in stopping the spread of this disease,” said Dr. Campbell.

To receive the latest updates on Northeast’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, visit the college’s website at Details are also regularly posted to NACC’s social media accounts.

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