Joint Press Release from Marshall County Sheriff’s Office, Drug Task Force, and District Attorney’s Office

On 3/15/21, the Alabama Department of Public Health formally classified “Tianeptine ” as a Schedule II controlled substance in the State of Alabama. As such, products containing the drug “Tianeptine” will no longer be legally available to purchase over the counter in Alabama.

Tianeptine, often marketed as a dietary supplement, is commonly found in convenience stores as “Tiana”, “Zaza Red”, and “Tiana Red”. This highly addictive drug can give its user a euphoric high and strong withdrawal symptom.

Those found in possession of any Schedule II controlled substance(s), without a valid prescription, could face felony charges in the State of Alabama.

We know many convenience stores sell these products in Marshall County and within the cities. We have had many complaints of young people buying this drug in stores and becoming addicted to it. The Marshall County Sheriff’s Office, Drug Task Force, and the Marshall County District Attorney’s Office will enforce and prosecute anyone selling or possessing this drug. 

If any convenience store has these products on its shelves, you are to immediately remove any products containing “Tianeptine” for sale. We will be conducting periodic checks throughout the next few months for any violations of this law. We know this drug to be highly addictive, and it requires immediate removal from public sale.

Sincerely, Sheriff Phil Sims,

District Attorney, Everette Johnson