Homeowner Finds Uninvited Person Staying in Their Home

Press Release:

Rainsville Polic Department                                                                 1-15-2021

On January 14th, 2021, Rainsville Officers responded to a call on McCurdy Ave. N. The victim stated that he had returned home for the first time in about 2 weeks and walked into his residence and found that an unknown white male was sitting in his living room nude. The home owner then left the residence and reported this to the Rainsville Police Department.

Officers Gerald Mount and Dean White responded to the residence, entered, and found the subject . Officers made contact with the subject and identified him as Michael Lynn May. Upon speaking with May, he stated that he had been staying at the residence for an unknown period of time, and that he did not know who owned the residence.

While speaking with May and observing his actions, Officers observed that he appeared to be under the influence of some substance. Officers then asked May if he had consumed any type of substance at which time he stated he had taken several Xanax. May was then arrested and charged with Burglary in the 3rd Degree, without injury to the Officers or to May.

No further incident occurred. After making the arrest, Officers made contact with the homeowner and advised him of their findings. The homeowner stated that he did not know May and had certainly not given him or any other person permission to be at his residence.

Chief Michael Edmondson stated “ I am proud of how Officer Mount and Officer White handled this situation, and how quickly they responded. They prevented any type of further incident from occurring which could have easily happened with a person being under the influence of controlled substances inside of a residence, not knowing who lived there or even knowing where he was. We are thankful the homeowner was not harmed in any way, or any other citizen who could have potentially came into contact with May.”