Fort Payne Mayor Presents Third Saturday Sunset Committee with Proclamation

Pictured Left to Right: Mayor Larry Chesser, Amelia Landstreet, Terry Locklear, and Steve Westmoreland

The Fort Payne City Council held their regular meeting on Tuesday, May 21, 2019. In the meeting, Mayor Larry Chesser explained that years ago there was a national day set aside that was called “Mayor’s day of Recognition”. This day is to recognize either individuals or groups that are of a great service to their community. Mayor Chesser stated, “I would like to recognize a group that has contributed greatly to our reputation, to our economy, to just the general enjoyment of our citizens, as well as our local people. The Third Saturday Sunset Committee.” Mayor Chesser presented the proclamation to three founding members of that committee, Amelia Landstreet, Terry Locklear, and Steve Westmoreland.

The council approved the following during the meeting:

  • Resolution 2019-21, which sets rates for various City venues.
  • Resolution 2019-22, which changes the designation of a portion of the bond proceeds so as not to charge against the City’s Constitutional debit limit. (this is related to a sewer project).
  • Resolution 2019-23, authorizing application for grant monies to assist in the demolition of the old hospital site. (this is trying to get money to help with that demolition).
  • Resolution 2019, 24, accepting low bid for a plant mixer binder.
  • An alcohol license for “33”, which was approved by the Alcohol Committee.
  • Budget adjustment, in the amount of $925.00, for a total of 4 portable dog waste stations, which will be used at Third Saturday Sunset and Boom Days.
  • Set the date of June 18th for a public hearing, regarding rezoning property that is located at Godfrey Avenue and Beason Gap Road. The Planning Commission is suggesting changing this property from “rural farm” to “R1”.
  • Activity permit for Mike Workman of Life Chapel to use the City Park on Friday and Saturday June 7th & 8th from 6 – 9 pm for an outreach of the church, which will be free to the public and include free food and inflatables for children.
  • Authorized an agreement with Fort Payne City School System for sewer work on the new elementary school.

Mayor Chesser stated that on the sewer system, from Terrapin Hills to 49th Street should be ready to bid by July 1, 2019. From Airport Road to WZOB should be ready to bid by September 1, 2019.

Had an audience member address the council about an issue of a chert pit being operated near her property and heavy truck traffic on a small, almost single lane road, which runs by her house. She was asking for the council to check into doing something about the situation. Some councilmembers were aware of the situation and will be checking to see what can be done legally, long term.