Fort Payne City Council Meeting May 7, 2019

FORT PANYE, AL. – The Fort Payne City Council met in regular session Tuesday and recognized Davide Wright, a recent retiree from the Fort Payne Fire Department. The council presented Mr. Wright with a retirement plaque.

Council President Brian Baine reported to the council that the police department will not be closing the city jail and they have hired 3 jailers to fulfill the staff obligations at the jail. Also, the police department currently has five patrolmen that are at the police academy and will be possibly hiring 2 more officers in the future.

The council approved to spend $229.99 on dog waste stations and signs for use at Third Saturday Sunset and Boom Days.

Mickey Scott has presented the city with a petition to vacate an unopened alley adjacent to First Fidelity Bank. A hearing is scheduled for the June 4, 2019 council meeting for public comments. First Fidelity Bank owns all the adjoining property around the alley.

The council approved the finalized Memorandum of Understanding between the City and Valley Joist for their new construction project.

Authorize payment of $1,352.50 to Kellett & Kellett for reimbursement of expenses related to the Valley Joist project.

Approved a $200,000 appropriation to school for students & teacher supplies. This is so students and parents do not have to purchase supplies to start school with.

Approved a contract with Tinker Ma, Inc. for required architectural services for the interior of the Public Works building. City attorney, Rocky Watson, reminded the council this was professional services and did not have to be bid out.

Discussed a request for payment from Matt Sharp for payment of housing expenses incurred at the Dekalb County Animal Facility for a dog which was confiscated as a vicious animal. According to Andy Parker, City Clerk, this is a case that came before the municipal court system on April 9, 2018. The municipal judge ordered the dog put down. The dog’s owner appealed that ruling on May 1, 2018 and its been in the circuit court system ever since. Mr. Sharp is requesting payment of $10 per day the entire time the dog has been housed at the facility. City attorney, Rocky Watson, stated, “It was in our court system, but normally that would be a cost taxed to the defendant, irregardless of the outcome. Just because it was in our court system, doesn’t give us any legal obligation.” The council approved Mr. Watson to send a letter to Mr. Sharp to that affect.

Approved the alcohol license application for South-End Market, ownership change

Approved an activity permit for Hustle for Hope, St. Jude Fundraiser walk/run, High School Route on Saturday June 22, 2019 from 6:30 am until 9:30 am.

Approved two street light request, one from Dewayne Simpson at 6909 Oakwood Drive N.W. and a second one from Grant Walker, at 410 Barry Street. Both are existing street lights that are not currently active.  The council approved to have both turned on.

Adjourned the meeting and went into executive session