Fort Payne City Council Meeting August 20, 2019

The City of Fort Payne held its regular council meeting, today August 20, 2019. The council approved Resolution 2019-33, which authorizes city attorney Watson to file validation proceedings with the DeKalb County Circuit Court for the Development Agreement with Valley Joist, LLC.

  • Approved Resolution 2019-34, naming signatories to the City’s bank accounts. It was stated, this is just updating all the bank signatories.
  • Approved Resolution 2019-35, adopting a transportation plan pursuant to the “Rebuild Alabama Act”. The State of Alabama requires each municipality to have a plan in place as to what they will spend the revenue on, that they receive from the gas tax revenue.
  • Approved an activity permit for the Fort Payne High School, Homecoming Parade. Which will run from 3rd Street South to 8th Street North, on Thursday September 12th from 5:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m.
  • Approved a recommendation from the Alcohol License Committee to issue an alcohol license to F.C. Weiss, 213 Gault Avenue North. The Alcohol Committee approved and recommended forwarding the application to the Council for approval.
  • Bids for the construction of the interior portion of the public works building were opened August 12th. Only one bid was received and that was from Sam Construction in the amount of $559,000. As the only bidder, the price may be negotiated. Public Works Director Williams negotiated the bid price with Mr. Wilson and the current price is $473,072.00. The council approved to accept this bid as negotiated.
  • Approved to install 10 new street lights on 1st Street, from the railroad to Grand Ave. Five will be install on each side of the street.
  • Approved to purchase an additional 10 new street lights
  • A concerned citizen addressed the council about a letter that she and other citizens received from the Alabama Department of Transportation, requesting permission to do surveying for the future expansion of Alabama Highway 35.