Driver Runs Into Vape Shop in Rainsville

According to information released by the Rainsville Police Department, a driver drove into a local vape shop today.

There was a heavy police and fire presence in the 800 block of Main St West today near Subway and Rainsville Drugs. Today around noon a vehicle in the drive thru line for Rainsville Drugs accelerated into the car in front of it, and eventually all the way into the side of the vape shop next door. The mini van entered the side of the building and traveled approximately 25 feet before coming to a rest. The driver of that vehicle was transported to Dekalb Hospital for treatment. That was the only injury. The condition of the individual is unknown at this time. The incident is under investigation by Rainsville Police Department. A press release will follow soon with more details.

Matt Crum Asst Chief of Police and Agency PIO