Dekalb County EMA situation report on recent flooding damage

The State of Alabama, along with Emergency Management in Dekalb county are assessing damages from the recent flooding the area received over the past week. According to estimates, these are the costs for emergency work in the following areas.

            Emergency work:

            Mentone Co. Rd. 89, debris, $25,000.00

            Rescue at Bucks Pocket, road clearing cut/toss operation $15,000.00

            Permanent work (road and bridges):

            Tutwiler Gap Rd., Mentone, Al. $200,000.00           

            Wade Gap Rd., Fort Payne, Al. $200,000.00

            Co. Rd. 835, Pine Ridge, Al.  $500,000.00   

            Co. Rd. 85, $25,000.00


            DCGas main, $100,000.00

            SMEC power outage $10,000.00

            TOTAL ESTIMATE: – All Categories       $1,075,000.00

The following roadways remain closed until further notice:

Wade’s Gap closed

Tutwiler Gap closed

County Road 835 (old al 35) closed

*** BUCKS POCKET UPDATE*** Recovery operations have been suspended by the State of Alabama. Operations will resume once circumstances are safe to do so which will be determined by the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency and the State Park Service Unified Commander