Dekalb County Commission Meeting March 26, 2019

Robert Avery, with the U.S. Census Bureau, spoke before the commission today. Telling the commission that the Bureau would be hiring full and part time employees to conduct the 2020 census. He stated that around six hundred will be employed in Dekalb County, at the peak of the census taking, with hourly pay ranging from $13.50 to $17.00 per hour and .58/mile. Anyone interested in any of these jobs can visit for more information.

Jimmy Durham, with the Dekalb County Economic Development Authority, addressed the commission and requested for the commission to extend the tax abatement for Valley Joist an additional 10 years. He stated that the abatement cost around $25,000 annually, but that the county, in return, receives around $18,239,000 annually. This is a non-educational property tax abatement. The commission approved to extend the tax abatement for year 11 through 20.

Tom Broyles, Superintendent of the Dekalb County Road Department, gave updates at today’s meeting. He stated that patch trucks were back on the roads and working as hard as they could. The department is hauling chert to unpaved roads and grading unpaved roads. Work started today on Tutwiler Gap, with no estimate of how long repairs will take. Once Tutwiler Gap is repaired, then work will begin on Wade’s Gap next.

The commission approved a request from Matt Sharp to turn a damage claim of $180.00 over to the insurance company. The claim says damage was caused to a vehicle on Hwy 35 when a rock came off of a county dump truck and struck the vehicle.

The commission approved to accept bids on herbicides as shown on a list provided by the county engineering department. The engineering department had received a request from a resident about what the posted speed limit is on Co. Rd. 190 in the Crossville area. The spokesman for the engineering department stated there was currently no posted speed limit on that road. The commission approved a resolution to set the posted speed limit at 35 mph.

The commission approved to accept the resignation of four jail corrections officers at the sheriff’s department, Corrections Sgt. Leslie Franciso, Corrections Officers Phillip Henderson, Matthew Daugherty, and Melody Kuykendall.

Approved to hire Samuel Young, Tiffany Edwards, and Wrett Tyson to fill the vacant corrections officers positions, promote Jennifer Whaley to Corrections Sgt., and to hire Seth Graham as a part time patrol officer.

Approved to accept the resignations of two dispatchers, who are moving out of state, Blakely Moore and Christa Furgerson.

The commission approved to appoint Mr. Westbrook to the 911 Board.