City Of Rainsville Hires A New Firefighter From The Fire Science Program

The Rainsville City Council met Monday, June 03, 2019. The council informed the public that there is a no burn order in effect, which bans outside burning, until October 31, 2019, for air quality. Announced the City received $16,500 from the insurance company for a recent totaled police car. Discussed the Boozer Bridge project. The new bridge will be a 20 ft. wide, 2 lane bridge. The approach & dirt work, with the county right of ways are finished. This bridge will have an estimated cost of $335,000 and will be funded through the new State gas tax.  All the money will  not have to be paid up front, since it is going through the State.

The council approved the following:

  • To surplus a 1994 dump truck.
  • The follow items for the Tom Bevill Center…to repair the sidewalks for a cost of $12,000.00, purchase 15 round tables for $130.00 a piece, buy the materials to fix the front on the stage for $700.00, and to purchase 2 lock boxes for the outside lights in the amount of $400.
  • Accepted Officer Shassburger’s resignation from the Police Department.
  • To post the police officers position for 7 days.
  • To purchase materials to fix the front of the stage at the Bevill.
  • To hire Chance Williams as a firefighter at $11.69 an hour with a 4-year contract.
  • To bid out the Boozer Bridge Project now through August 1st.
  • To do repair work on the Kilgore Subdivision sewer phase 2 for $14,000.00
  • To pay the bills.

Meeting adjourned.
Next council meeting will be June 17, 2019, workshop at 4:15p.m., meeting at 5:00p.m.