ALGOP Chairman Terry Lathan to Senator Doug Jones – Do Your Job

Alabama Republican Party Chairman Terry Lathan held a news conference at ALGOP Headquarters in Hoover on Wednesday, September 30th and made the following remarks regarding Senator Doug Jones:
“Today is the day we are challenging Doug Jones to do something he rarely does – listen to the majority of Alabamians. He has ignored the majority over and over on major issues.

  • On voting to remove the President…twice.
  • When he voted no to seat now Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. He still owes Justice Kavanaugh an apology for going along with the circus the Democrats orchestrated against a nominee that Alabamians supported.
  • On voting to withhold funding from the southern border wall being built.
  • On declaring he will vote to take away Alabama tax cuts courtesy of President Trump…in other words take away your money that you work for – he’s telling you, Alabama, it’s his to take and not yours to keep. He wants your family income back.

“And now he has said he will not vote to confirm a deeply qualified and highly respected judge, Amy Coney Barrett for the Supreme Court. He said it’s because it’s too close to an election.
“Well, there was an election held in 2016 and 2018 – Alabama said we highly support President Trump in the White House and America added 2 more Republican U.S. Senate seats. With the Republican Party now the majority in the Senate and in the White House, Senator Jones needs to do his job – meet with her, listen to her and then decide on Judge Barrett’s credentials.
“If he can find time to have campaign drive-in events, he can find time to do one of the most important jobs a U.S. Senator is tasked to do – the seating of a Supreme Court Justice, authored by the Founding Fathers through the United States Constitution.
“Look, we understand he’s in a jam – with over 80% of his funding from out of state, mostly New York and California, he has to cash out with them. He’d fit in nicely in those lands of radical liberalism especially since he only votes with President Trump 35% of the time while representing the highest approval rated state for Donald Trump in the nation.
“However, in Alabama his tone deafness to the seating of Judge Barrett will not stand. There is no reason not to meet with this mother of 7 who drives a minivan, is highly regarded by her students, professors and those who have worked with her in the judicial system. Why is he afraid? He looks weak. Alabama does not like that look at all.
“Do your job, Senator Jones. Use your own words that you pride yourself on of being fair. Meet with Judge Barrett on behalf of Alabama.
“Doug Jones was asked on CNN about voting against the will of the majority of Alabamians during the Kavanaugh hearing. His answer was smug, arrogant and a true snapshot of how out of step he is with our state – he replied, ‘That may be true but it’s not the be all to end all.’ That’s code for ‘I don’t care’.
“So again, we find Doug Jones being Doug Jones – thumbing his liberal left-wing nose at one of the most conservative states in the nation.
“OK – go ahead Senator Jones. You do you and we are going to do us. On November 3rd when Alabamians have all of the power, we will prove that your one hit wonder term was really a one hit blunder term. We will thumb our noses at you with the stoke of our pens.
“You will have no one to blame but yourself. In 34 days, your millions of dollars and appeasement of the left will not save you.
Alabamians don’t take kindly to being ignored and on November 3rd they will not be ignored by you any longer.
“In 34 days, Alabama will again add a new page in our history books when we will show Doug Jones that the voters are the be all to end all. We will end his placeholder status and elect Tommy Tuberville to replace Doug Jones.
“Coach Tuberville will support our president and, as important, not ignore the wishes of the people of sweet home Alabama.”
NOTE: The news conference can be viewed in its entirety on the Alabama Republican Party Facebook page.