1st Annual Rainsville, Al. Arbor Day Poster Contest Winners

Back Row (L-R) – Jeff Keener & Dan Green – Dekalb Forestry Commission, Brandon Freeman, Derek Rosson, Rodger Lingerfelt, Bejan Taher, and Marshall Stiefel. Front Row (L-R) Stephen Crowell and Reagan Martin of Plainview, Kay Guffey Tree City Board, Maggie Taylor, Noor Angel, and Tamia Ballard of CCA.

The City of Rainsville held its first annual Arbor Day poster contest.

Winners from Plainview High School were:

  1. Stephen Crowell $50.00
  2. Andrea Bellamy $20.00 (not pictured)
  3. Reagan Martin $10.00

Winners from Cornerstone Christian Academy were:

  1. Maggie Taylor $50.00
  2. Noor Angel $20.00
  3. Tamia Ballard $10.00

The City of Rainsville contributed $800.00 and RTI matched that contribution with an $800.00 donation. With this money, The Tree City Board will be able to purchase and plant 14 trees. The City Arbor Day this year will be on February 27, 2020, the day one tree will be planted at Plainview High School and one tree planted at Cornerstone Christian Academy. The remaining 12 trees will be planted at the Rainsville City Park on Saturday, February 29, 2020.