Tyler Wilks, Dekalb County Revenue Commissioner, Annouces COVID-19 Response



The Rainsville office will be closed starting tomorrow, March 17, 2020, through April 16, 2020.

The Fort Payne office will remain staffed throughout this week from 8 am- 4pm, and, starting tomorrow, open to customers by appointment only from 10 am- 2 pm.

If you need to be out because you are high-risk, you take care of someone who is high-risk, or you need to be home with your children, you will not have to use your sick time. Also, if anyone in your family has symptoms of any kind, please stay home.

We will not assess deeds nor give access to the mapping department at this time.


Property payments may be made over the phone, by mail, or online. Tag renewals may be processed over the phone, by mail, or online.

For tag renewals, mail fees and credit card fees will be waived. Credit card fees for property payments will not be waived.


Each clerk will make their own appointments.

We will not accept appointments for property payments or tag renewals.

To make an appointment for a customer:

  1. Verify that the customer does not need to make a property payment or renew a tag. If they do, they must pay over the phone, by mail, or online.
  1. MV should have appointments for new registrations, X-fers, or MLI suspensions only.
  • Property should have appointments for redemptions only.
  • Ask the customer if they have experienced symptoms of any kind (cough, runny nose, fever, etc).
  1. If so, they cannot make an appointment.
  • If not, then they may make an appointment.
  • Rules for the appointment (that should be communicated to the customer).
  1. Only the people required to process the transaction are allowed to come into the office. No one else may accompany the customer. (Find out if two owners with ‘and’, if both licenses are required, etc.)
  • Once the customer arrives at our office, they need to call and let us know. If we are ready for them to come in, we will let them know. If not, we will call them back and let them know when to come in.
  • Make sure the customer has the required paperwork so that they will not have to leave and come back.
  • Ask for the customer’s name and phone number to write on your appointment sheet.

We will schedule every other station for each appointment time. If we do not have anyone in the office during appointment hours and someone comes to the door for assistance, Tyler will make the decision on whether we let them in