Tommy Tuberville, former Auburn coach, makes stop in Rainsville, Al.

RAINSVILLE, AL. – Tommy Tuberville, former Auburn head coach, who is running for the U.S. Senate, made a campaign stop in Rainsville, Al. today and spoke at the Founders Club. Candidate Tuberville stated “that I retired two years ago, I could be fishing or playing golf, and everybody goes…you’re doing what? Yeah, I’m doing it, because enough is enough! All you got to do is watch that television up there to make you sick at your stomach of what’s going on”.  “We are going to take back Washington, D.C., like President Trump!” Tuberville continued and received a big applause when he said, “we have got to get Donald Trump re-elected.” Tuberville said his motto is “enough is enough”.

Tuberville comes from a military family, with his father fighting in World War II at the age of 17, being awarded five bronze stars and a purple heart. His father died at age 53, in the military, on a training mission. Coming from a military family it helped him realize we live in the best country in the world. Tuberville has spent 40 years in education, in high schools and colleges.

He continued that the United States is the longest surviving democracy and that there is a group in Washington that is trying their hardest to destroy the country from within. They do not have an agenda to help the country, but an agenda to maintain power in this country and to take everything you work for and give it to everyone else.

Tuberville is Pro-Life, is in favor of term limits for Congress and rid the country of career politicians, and creating and maintaining a real budget. He said that 70% of your tax money is giving away through social programs in this country and the socialist Democrats want to give away the other 30%. He is in favor of bringing Christianity and prayer back into schools.

After wrapping up his stop at the Founders Club at Kelly’s Kitchen, Tuberville visited Plainview School and did a motivational speech to boys in the 6th – 11th grades.