Teresa Dawn Phillips Withdraws From District Judge Race

Teresa Dawn Phillips, the only remaining Republican candidate for Dekalb County District Judge, has withdrawn from the race. Currently, this leaves no qualified candidate in this race. At the end of qualifying, Teresa Dawn Phillips and Steven Whitmire were the only two candidates to file paperwork on the Republican ballot. No one qualified on the Democrat ticket.

Incumbent Steven Whitmire, who held the office as a Democrat, filed paperwork with the Alabama GOP in early October, to seek re-election in the Republican primary. Last week the state party committee denied Whitmire’s request to seek re-election on the Republican ballot.

According to David Gulledge, the Dekalb County Party Chairman, Teresa Dawn Phillips notified him along with the state party that she was withdrawing from the race. “At this time, I have no further information about her decision to make a comment on. The Republican Party is actively seeking a candidate to replace her on the ballot at this time. I will make further comments as I have information available.”