Statement From The City of Rainsville On COVID-19

Mandatory shutdowns caused by COVID-19 will affect our local economy. As your Mayor, I plan to do everything in my power to help our local businesses during this time. The council and I are working diligently to keep government services operating throughout Rainsville. Note that some scheduled projects, such as paving, will be put on hold. I have faith that this shall pass. Our community is strong, and we have fought hard situations in the past, and we will fight this one just the same. There has never been a more critical time for us all to support our local businesses. Our local businesses are the heartbeat of our community. Let’s do everything we can to help them during this time. Please pray for all our first responders, city workers, medical personnel, grocery store workers, and everyone who is on the frontline keeping the city of Rainsville working for you.

In conjunction with state and local recommendations concerning public assemblies, meetings of city boards and the city council will occur via conference calls. Board members and the media will participate in the calls. This policy is a temporary measure and will change when circumstances improve. Feel free to reach out to the city council or me with thoughts or concerns during this time. Thank you all for everything you do for our community.