Rainsville Ministerial Association makes statement concerning what is happening in our nation and to support our police force

Media Release: Rainsville Ministerial Association, June 10, 2020

We grieve the death of George Floyd and the truth that it reveals about us. His death was so tragic and meaningless. We recognize there is a difference between a march and a riot. We support our constitutional rights to peaceful protest by marches or other means. But the riots, the looting, the violence, the unrest tells much about who we are as a people. Psalm 8 is dedicated to praising God for placing mankind at the pinnacle of his creation. But Psalm 8:2 we find there is an enemy, a foe, an avenger. This is the story of everyman. We are both the best of creation and the worst.

Our grief is not only for George Floyd, but also his family, and any human who suffers mistreatment from another human being. It is sad for all of us that as humans we can mistreat others.

Not only do we express our grief but also our gratitude. As we find ourselves created as the pinnacle of God’s creation, let’s remember that it is mankind, not a particular race or nationality that is elevated. It is all of us. And so we celebrate God for his creative work in us, all of us and each of us.

Our desire is to express gratitude for our law enforcement personnel. These men and women risk their lives to protect and to serve. Sadly, there are those who misuse their authority. And as we pray, we ask that God might work in the lives of all to see that any mistreatment of another human being, regardless of race or nationality come to an end.