Rainsville approves to accept $320,066.00 bid to build culverts for the Boozer Bridge Project

The Rainsville City Council met this week on Thursday, September 5, 2019, instead of on Monday, due to the Labor Day holiday.

  • The council approved to accept the bid of $320,066.00 to build the culverts for the Boozer Bridge Project.
  • Approved to build slopped headwalls on eight culverts that are already installed
  • Approved to pave the culvert on Country Club Lane for $3,000.00 and the culvert on Everett Street for $900.00.
  • Approved to surplus equipment from the Rainsville Public Library, which includes six computers, a printer, and light fixture.
  • Approved to install a street and pole at the intersection of Horton Road and Kirk Road.
  • Approved to install a microphone system in the Court/City Council Chambers at a cost of around $1,800.00.
  • Accepted the resignation of Larry Traylor from the Industrial Development Board
  • Approved to the send Animal Control Officer to certification training October 28th – 31st
  • Approved $2,000.00 to Fire Prevention