Henagar man arrested for Electronic Solicitation of a Child

FORT PAYNE, Ala. The DeKalb County Sheriff’s Investigation’s Unit received information of an adult male who was possibly having communications with an underage female.  After further investigation, Bobby Cole Howell (27 of Henagar) was charged with Electronic Solicitation of a Child and 2 Failure to Appear warrants.  This is an ongoing investigation, with limited information, due to the victim being a minor.

Bobby Cole Howell.png
Bobby Cole Howell (27 of Henagar)

DeKalb County Sheriff Nick Welden said of the incident: “This type of behavior will not be tolerated.  I have said many times and I will say it many more, our children will always be our number one priority.  Our children have one chance to be little, to be silly and carefree.” 

“A child’s innocence is one of the most precious things on earth and it is our job to protect them from predators that want to take that from them.”

“God Bless!” Concluded Sheriff Welden.