Fyffe, State runner up in Class 2A, Cold Springs wins Championship game

Cold Springs jumped out to a 16-6 lead by the end of the first period, as The Fyffe Lady Red Devils had a slow start. Cold Springs known for shooting a lot of 3 point shots, hit several in the first period to mount their 10 point lead. Fyffe was able to close the gap some by half. Halftime score 25-16 Cold Springs leading. The Lady Red Devils came alive and fought hard in the 3rd period, hitting several 3 point shots and free throws to close the gap to 39-36. The Red Devils were red hot in the 4th period, tying the game up at 44 all with 57.4 seconds left. Game remained tied at 44 with 9.1 seconds and Fyffe had possession of the ball. Following a time out Fyffe tried two quick shots and missed sending the game into overtime. In overtime, Cold Springs managed to pull away with the lead and defeat the Red Devils 57-53 in overtime.