Fort Payne Police Reports Another Resisting Arrest Case

Date: 01/31/2020

Fort Payne Police Department

Assistant Chief Ronnie Warren stated for the second time in less than a week Fort Payne Police officers have had to deal with another resisting arrest case.

On Saturday, January 25th officers were dispatched to Dekalb Plaza in reference to an intoxicated male in the driver’s seat of an automobile parked in front of the ABC Liquor Store. When officers made contact with the male subject, they observed that he had vomited and urinated on himself.  Officers asked the subject if he had been drinking alcohol and he answered yes. The male subject was later identified as Julio Cesar Gamez Martinez, age 27 of Fort Payne.

Martinez was asked to get out of the car and he refused.  Officers then asked a second time and he refused.  Officers took the subject by the arm and he immediately grabbed the steering wheel and would not turn loose.  Martinez was struck to attempt to get him to release the steering wheel.  Subject was then pulled from the vehicle onto the pavement.  Once on the ground, Martinez continued to resist by rolling onto his back and fighting with officers.

After the subject refused many loud verbal commands to comply, a baton strike was delivered to Martinez’s right side.  Subject then was subdued, rolled over and cuffed.  He then had to be lifted from the pavement and officers attempted to place him in a patrol vehicle. Martinez again resisted by putting his feet on the vehicle and leaned back against the officers. Officers finally placed subject in the vehicle where Martinez started kicking the interior of the vehicle.  Officers eventually were able to get the subject to comply and he was transported to the Police Department where Warren stated he was charged with DUI, Resisting Arrest and Obstructing Governmental Operations.