Fort Payne City Council meeting held March 19, 2019

At the Fort Payne City Council meeting, held on Tuesday, March 19, 2019, Mayor Larry Chesser read a proclamation in honor of John Mathieu, Pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church, who is retiring.

Erin Franklin, with the Muscular Dystrophy Association, recognized the Fort Payne Fire Department for their continued and dedicated support of the MDA. She presented Fort Payne Fire Chief, Ron Saferite, with a certificate of recognition for their support. Chief Saferite stated, “we are proud to do what we do”.

City Clerk, Andy Parker, informed the council that the city should have a settlement with the insurance company, on the public works building, soon. Council members discussed whether to try and repair the damaged building or tear the damaged building down and build a completely new building. No decision was made at this time. Parker also brought up a discussion about whether the city should purchase a new tractor on the state bid list or bid out the tractor. Bidding out the new tractor could save as much as $7,000. The council approved to bid out a new tractor.

The council approved Resolution 2019-16, amending Resolution 2019-05, which granted tax abatements to “Project Scout”, now known as the Valley Joist Project. The abatement, in cooperation with all the utilities, the Dekalb County Economic Development Authority, State of Alabama, Fort Payne City Council, and the Fort Payne Industrial Development Board, helped to save 150 jobs and the promise of adding 50 new jobs over the next 5 years. Read the press release from Valley Joist + Deck here,

In other business, the council approved to declare 4 police cars as surplus, approved an alcohol license to San Jose Mexican Restaurant, approved one of two street light requests and tabled the other one, and approved the date for the Independence Day Celebration as July 2, 2019.