FBI Conducts Training For Local Agencies

News Release from Michael Edmondson, Rainsville Police Chief:

“The Rainsville Police Department would like to express their sincere gratitude and appreciation to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for providing training on Dec. 10th, 2020 to the Rainsville Police Department and surrounding agencies of Dekalb County.

Agents Tony Montgomery, Scott Cockrum, and J.R.C. Smith dedicated their valuable time and resources to train and inform officers on two key areas on Wednesday which were Counter Terrorism and Cryptocurrency. The subject of Counter Terrorism addressed the warning signs and indicators of Terrorist Organizations’ activities which occur domestically or locally, and how officers can identify such people who may be involved in these activities. The section on Cryptocurrency covered the use of electronic currency, such as bitcoin, which is used in illegal activity such as funding terrorist organizations, buying and selling narcotics, other illicit drugs, human trafficking, and other illegal activities.

The Rainsville Police Department would also like the thank 911 Director Sabrina Dobbins for allowing us to conduct the training at the Dekalb County 911 Center.  Chief Michael Edmondson says, “This was a great example of a cooperative effort to provide training to prepare and equip officers with knowledge and tools to help make our communities safe for all of our citizens, and for those who visit or pass through our great City of Rainsville.”