Dekalb County Commission Plans To Pave Many Roads In The Kilpatrick Area

The Dekalb County Commission met on Tuesday, July 9, 2019. In the meeting, the Commission heard from Lucas Blankenship, director of Economic Development and Planning with TARCOG (Alabama Regional Council of Governments), about a community development block grant. Mr. Blankenship addressed the Commission about filing for money in the amount of $350,000, with a local matching of $115,000, to pave a large portion of the roads in the Kilpatrick area. Roads that will be paved with this project money are County Road 69, 113, 179, 370, 374, 467, and 479. The Commission approved a resolution to proceed with this project.

Engineering Department:

Ben Luther, with the county engineering department, reported to the commission that the department had received the County Road 116 money agreement from the State for the funding of County Road 116 resurfacing project, which is located in District 4. He requested the Commission approve a resolution to enter into this agreement and it was so approved.

On June 27, 2019, bids were opened for the annual liquid calcium chloride. Southeastern Road Treatment was the low bidder on all items. There has been about an 11% – 13% increase from last year. The Commission approved to accept the low bid from Southeastern Road Treatment.

Sheriff’s Office:

The Commission approved to accept the resignation of Zach Davis and Mike Traylor from the Dekalb County Sheriff’s Office.

Approved to hire Riley Shrader and Jonathan Whitmire to fill these vacated positions at the Dekalb County Sheriff’s Office.

Dekalb County EMA Office:

Commission President, Ricky Harcrow stated that Anthony Clifton, Dekalb County EMA Director, was chosen as EMA Director of the Year by the State. Mr. Harcrow also recognized Deputy EMA Director, Michael Posey, and thanked him and his department for all they do for the citizens of Dekalb County. Mr. Posey gave an overview of the department, their certifications, and different trainings.

The Commission meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at 10 A.M. in the Commission Chambers, second floor of the DeKalb County Activities Building. The next scheduled meeting will be Tuesday, July 23, 2019.