City Presents $200,000 to Fort Payne Board of Education

The Fort Payne City Council met on Tuesday, June 4, 2019. In the meeting, the council presented the Fort Payne Board of Education with two checks, one for $50,000 and one for $150,000, for a total of $200,000. This money will be used to purchase school supplies, so students and parents do not have to purchase these items.

Russel Gulley addressed the council about Alabama Community Scholars Institute. It will be a four day event, that the Folk Life Association and the Alabama State Council On The Arts is helping to organize. The event will bring together people that are interested in musical heritage, folk life, and cultural heritage and training them in how to document and preserve that cultural heritage.

Held public hearing to receive comments about the proposed vacation of an un-opened alleyway at Gault Ave. and 14th Street North and adjacent to First Fidelity Bank. No one was present for that meeting. The council approved Resolution 2019-05, the vacation of this alleyway.

Stan Blevins, with the Fort Payne High School Fishing Team, requested a $1,000 appropriation to help offset tournament expenses. The council approved this request.