City of Rainsville Recognizes Plainview Pee Wee Football Teams

The Rainsville City Council recognized the Plainview Pee Wee B & C football teams, at their meeting on Monday, November 4, 2019. The C team won the Superbowl in Albertville, Al. and finished with a (10-1) record. The B team was the runner-up in their Superbowl  game and finished with an (8-3) record.

Mayor Rodger Lingerfelt stated, “We have a great group of kids here. Great group of football players. They’ve worked hard all Summer, hot, man I was up there and it was hot. Those coaches were pushing you and look how good it done you. You made it to the finals, made it to that Superbowl you’ve been wanting. That is absolutely great!”

  • In other business, the council approved to reappoint Jonathan Phillips, Gelane Nelson, and Whitney Whiteside to the Mental Retardation Board.
  • Approved to send the City Clerk and Court Clerk to Clerk’s Conference in Gulf Shores, Al. December 3rd – 6th
  • Approved to reappoint Jerry Smith, Dave Hallmark, Lester Black, Brian Shrader, Daryl Samples, Joey Graham, Fred Bobo, Tim Barksdale to the Sewer Board.
  • Approved to reappoint Jeffery Pope, Zane Mitchell, Sandy Goff, Carol Laney, Skeeter Logan, Kathy Gledhill to the Zoning Board
  • Approved to reappoint Ronald Bell, Nick Ledbetter, Ronald Ward, Kevin Miller, Joe Flaherty to the Board of Adjustments and add Leslie Colvard to replace Pete Long
  • Approved to reappoint Angie Stewart, Brian Thomas to a 2 year term, Buddy Boykin to a 2 year term, Eric Samples, Stuart Mitchell to a 1 year term, and Monk Blevins to a 2 year term to the Agri-Center Board.
  • Approved to reappoint Eric Samples to a 6 year term, Monk Blevins to a 4 year term, and Angie Stewart to a 2 year term, to the Public Building Authority.
  • Approved to reappoint Ann Poe, Joyce Baker, Bill Ayers, Teresa Hill, and Marsha Hudley to the Library Board.
  • Approved to reappoint Faye Gaskin, Joe Flaherty, Cindy Black, Kelly Frazier, Zane Mitchell, and Whitley Mitchell to the Tom Bevill Center Board.
  • Approved to reappoint Joel Moncus, Benji Laney, Kevin Wilks, Donnie Frazier Jr, Robert Ellis, and Scott Kirk to the Industrial Development Board and add Jim Radford to replace Larry Traylor
  • Approved to transfer Adam Facteau from the Sanitation Dept to the Waste Water Treatment Plant at a rate of $14.06 effective, December 1, 2019.
  • Approved to post a CDL Driver position in the Sanitation Department, internally for one week, and externally for one week. At a starting rate of $13.72.
  • Approved to authorize a one-time pay raise and a .60 per hour pay increase to City employees

Next Regular Council Meeting: November 18, 2019