Chief Deputy Josh Summerford Graduates FBI National Academy


(We would like to say a special congratulations to Josh Summerford on completing this FBI Academy…we are proud of you! Josh worked with us here at WVSM several years ago)

Cherokee County Sheriff Jeff Shaver is proud to announce Chief Deputy Josh Summerford’s completion of the Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy (FBINA) in Quantico, Virginia.

Chief Deputy Summerford was among 255 law-enforcement officials who graduated from the 10-week-long, intensive academy, which is Internationally known for its excellence. The FBINA was created in 1935 under the leadership of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover who said, “The most effective weapon against crime is cooperation…”. The academy focuses on undergraduate and graduate classes in leadership, law, forensic science, terrorism, communication, health and fitness. The FBINA selects top law-enforcement leaders from state, local, county, tribal, military, federal and foreign partner nations to attend the federally-funded program.

Chief Summerford graduated on March 13, 2020 from the 279th session of the FBINA Program, becoming the Sheriff’s Office’s first-ever FBINA graduate. The 279th session consisted of leaders from 49 states and 32 other countries. The program is concluded with a 6.1-mile obstacle course, named the “Yellow Brick Road,” designed by the U.S. Marine Corps. Those that complete it, earn an actual yellow brick to memorialize their achievement.

“I am extremely proud of Chief Deputy Summerford’s accomplishment and appreciate the FBI for selecting someone from Cherokee County to participate in this once in a lifetime training opportunity,” said Sheriff Shaver. “We are confident the information, knowledge, and relationships he gained at the FBI National Academy will be a huge asset for our Office and our community.”

Chief Deputy Summerford said, “I count it a high honor and blessing to have been selected to participate in the National Academy experience. During my time away, I had the pleasure to learn from, and forge friendships with, some of the finest law enforcement leaders from around the world. I am grateful to my family, Sheriff Shaver, members of the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office, my classmates and the FBI for the sacrifices and support during my time away. I am extremely grateful for this once in a lifetime opportunity and I am excited to be back home.”