Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office Offer Halloween Safety Tips

As ghouls and goblins come out this Halloween, the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office and Sheriff Jeff Shaver would like to encourage everyone to play it safe on Halloween!

Remember to…

*Plan your route in advance. Go only to houses you know.

*Never go out alone! An adult or older, responsible youth should escort children.

*Walk on sidewalks, not in the street!

*Stay in well lighted areas & take a flashlight.

*Pin a slip of paper with your child’s name, address & telephone number inside of their clothing.

*Wear light-colored costumes or use reflective tape.

*Don’t talk to strangers! 

*PARENTS…check to see if a sex offender lives in a neighborhood you plan to visit!

*Check your treats! With candy or goodies, when in doubt, throw it out.

*DRIVERS…Keep an eye open for children who forget the rules, use caution when traveling and obey posted traffic signs especially in neighborhoods.

*HOMEOWNERS…have a well lit home both inside and out to prevent vandalism and injuries, remove all obstacles from their lawns to avoid injuries and don’t use candles in ornaments that could set a fire.